Evangelion Not End
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    "Neon Genesis Evangelion" characters and situations created
by and copyright Gainax, all rights reserved, used without permission.
Please don't sue, I have no money.

     NOTE: This is an alternate sidestory based on events in chapter 6 of
"The One I Love Is...". The events in this story didn't happen, but is an
idea of what may have happened based on the material. Standard lemon
warnings applied, don't read if you are underage or don't like lemons.

     For those who came in late: Shinji finds he's in love with both Rei
and Asuka, but can't decide between the two for fear of hurting them. 
Recently, Shinji went with Asuka on a camping trip in what appeared
to be an attempt to try and get Toji and Hikari together, but soon
discovers it was all really a plan of Asuka's to seduce Shinji and beat
Rei by being his first.  Angered and hurt, Shinji moved out of Misato's
apartment and in with Rei, who has moved next door to Misato.

     I stood against the railing of the balcony of Rei's apartment, staring
out into the night.  I had been awakened by nightmares and since then I
had found myself unable to close my eyes.  After getting tired of
looking at the unfamiliar ceiling of my new room, I chose to gaze at a
nicer view.
     The night air was cold against my bare arms and legs, but I barely
registered it.  I just looked in fascination at the numerous lights of
Tokyo-3.  Tokyo-3...  The city that I was defending.  Why didn't I care
about it?  Really, what was there left to care about?  Why did I go on?
     Bringing my head down, I looked down at the road below.  It was
quite a distance from where I stood on the balcony.  I couldn't help but
wonder...  Would I feel any pain if I were to fall all the way down
     Again, for maybe the hundredth time, I remembered the last part of
the nightmares that had plagued my sleep.  Asuka was standing behind
me, that nasty smirk of hers on her face.  Then, between laughs, she
     'Just a toy!'
     'A pathetic little boy!'
     'Did you really think that I could ever love you?'
     'You're so pathetic!'
     'A coward!'
     'Why should we care about you?'
     'Who could love a boy like you?'
     'Who could...?'
     'Who could...?'
     'Who could...?'
     I stiffened when I suddenly felt two arms wrap around my waist and
a head lean against my shoulder.  For a brief moment, I was frozen with
fear, thinking that those arms belonged to Asuka.  But I quickly relaxed
as I realized that this was reality and not a dream, which meant that
those arms could only belong to Rei.
     "You will catch a cold if you continue to stay out here much
longer," she whispered to me.  In the cool night air, I could feel her
warm breath against my back.  I can't begin to tell how good it felt to
me right then.
     "I couldn't sleep."
     As I felt her lips against my skin, slowly kissing every inch of my
neck, I lost complete interest in any thought that I previously had.  I
turned around and stared at the blue-haired girl.  She wore only a light
blue nightgown that left very little to the imagination.  I had convinced
her to at least wear something when she walked around the apartment,
in case Misato or someone else from NERV happened to suddenly
come over.  She also had on her silver cross, now attached to a silver
chain.  As far as I knew, she always wore it except when she had a
swimsuit or a plugsuit on.  So far, I hadn't thought about asking her
what that cross meant for her.
     I looked into her red eyes and saw how much she cared for me.  In a
common accord, our lips met and we stayed locked into each other's
arms for what seemed an eternity.
     "I will make you forget about her..."
     Rei took my hand and showed me the way to her room.  I did
nothing to resist. Before leaving the balcony, I looked once more at our
city.  I had been wrong.  There was still something to care about...
     Sooner than I prefered, we were in her room, by her bed.  Once
there, Rei took me into her arms again and kissed me.  I kissed her
back, returning her embrace as well, our hands running over each
other's bodies.  After a moment of this, Rei broke the kiss and stepped
away from me a bit.  Before I could say anything, her hands went to the
spaghetti-thin straps of her nightgown.  With a simple tug, the garment
fell off her and to the floor, pooling around her feet and leaving her
clad only in matching light blue panties and her cross.  I let out a
nervous gulp as I stared at her, to which Rei smiled and blushed.
     As I stared at her body, she approached me again, taking hold of my
shirt and pulling it off me.  After she discarded it on the floor, she laid
down on her bed, her legs drawn up with her knees bent and her hips
raised slightly in the air.  It took me a moment to realize that she
wanted me to remove her panties, and with a bit of hesitation, I did.  It
took me some time, as I went slowly due to my nervousness, but Rei
didn't seem to mind.  In fact, she seemed to find it very arousing.
     Once Rei's panties were off, I removed my own shorts and briefs,
then climbed on to the bed to kneel above Rei.  As I stared at her, I
knew that from that moment on, things would change.  I had doubts
about my feelings.  Part of me was aware that I wanted to get revenge
on Asuka.  Another part of me believed that I was only using Rei to get
over the pain, the same way that Asuka had tried to use me.  But deep
down, I knew that I truly loved Rei.  And I also knew that I had wanted
to do this ever since I had laid eyes on her, even though I may have not
been aware of that thought at the time.
     As I kneeled above Rei, staring at her naked body, I felt pretty
nervous and scared.  I didn't really know what to do, how I should act. 
Getting such an up-close-and-personal view of Rei's body didn't exactly
help, either.  I couldn't help but let out a nervous gulp as my gaze
wandered over her, taking in her pale skin that seemed to glow in the
moonlight... those perfect curves... her breasts, small but still desirable,
topped with pink nipples... the triangular patch of blue hair between her
long, smooth legs...
     To this day, I still consider it a miracle I didn't faint right then and
     Rei, however, seemed almost serene.  Softly, her voice barely louder
than a whisper, she said, "Do not worry, Shinji.  Just relax and enjoy
it."  Then, she instructed me on what I should do, where to touch her
and how.  I complied as best as I could, but still had trouble considering 
how nervous I was.  Thank God that Rei was always such an
understanding girl then, and so patient.  Unlike someone else that I
could mention, but won't.
     It started with a kiss.  Rei wrapped her arms around my neck and
pulled me down to her, our lips meeting in yet another of our deep
kisses.  After getting over the shock of feeling her naked body pressed
against my own, I returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around her
waist.  Our bodies rubbed together as our kiss deepened, and I soon
became lost in all the sensations I was feeling; the warmth of Rei's
body, unrestricted by clothes, her breasts pressed against my chest, the
sound of her moaning and mine.  It was all so wonderful, one of those
things you'll never forget.  I even didn't mind the fact that her cross was
poking into my belly.  Even that was stimulating in its own way.
     Eventually, our kiss broke, and as I moved to kiss her neck, I felt a
hand reach back to take hold of mine and place upon something soft
and warm.  It took me a second to realize that what I was touching was,
in fact, Rei's breast.  For a moment, I panicked, remembering what had
happened with Asuka, but I soon relaxed when I saw the look of love in
Rei's eyes.  As I began to stroke her breast in my hand, feeling her
hardened nipple poke into my palm, I couldn't help but take note that
even though Rei's breasts were noticeably smaller than Asuka's, they fit
just fine into my hand.  I first found this out way back at her old
apartment, when I went to deliver her new I.D. card and we had that
little... accident.  Now, however, I had a better chance to enjoy things,
as well as see a look of satisfied  bliss on Rei's face rather than her old
emotionless mask.  That sure would have killed the mood right there.
    Again, Rei didn't use words with her next instruction, but instead
used her hands to guide my head to her other breast.  Getting the idea
of what she wanted me to do, I took her nipple into my mouth. As I
gently started to suck on it, I heard her gasp, then moan as I suckled
harder, flicking my tongue at and around it and around the edge of her
aureole.  Her hands ran through my hair as she held me to her breast,
her back arching to offer more of it to me.  I was more than happy to
accept, and after awhile moved on to her other breast to give it equal
treatment.  This went on for quite some time, as neither of us were that
eager to stop just yet.
     As I continued to please her, I couldn't help but think that what I
was doing seemed... familiar, somehow.  A weird sense of deja vu, or
something.  Like I done something like this with Rei before, or at least
someone who was... like Rei.  Sounds weird, I know, but that's how I
felt at the time.  I quickly shook the thought out of my head and
returned my focus back to giving pleasure to the girl I loved.
     After a long time of me sucking her breast, Rei pulled me away
from there and back to her lips for a kiss.  Then, with her hand, she
reached down and grabbed my erect penis.  This surprised me,
especially when she spread her legs and guided me in between there.  I
gasped when I felt her warm wetness at the tip of my penis head, but on
fearful reflex, my body froze up when Rei began to guide me in.  I
knew that, once inside, there would be no turning back, no changing
things to the way that they had been before.  Every instinct I had told
me to run, that it was a mistake, but the gentle smile on Rei's face gave
me reassurance that it would be alright.  I took her hand away, placed
my own hands on her hips, and finished the journey into her vagina
     But, probably on some old reflex to get it over with as soon as
possible, I went in quick and fast.  For a moment, I felt scared when her
eyes opened wide in shock and she let out a small yelp of pain as I took
her virginity in that swift stroke.  But her face soon softened after a
moment (too long of one in my opinion), and her hand tenderly
touched my cheek, telling me without words that everything was
alright.  I returned the gesture, using my thumb to wipe away some of
her tears.
     Once she was ready, she told me to go on.  I did so, beginning a
slow rhythm of thrusting in and out of her that soon sped up as we
both moaned our pleasure, our arms wrapping around each other. 
However, from that point, it didn't take much time before it was all
over, and I came inside of Rei.  Probably the only high point to it was
that she came almost immediately after I did.
    As we laid together in the afterglow of our lovemaking, me still on
top of Rei, I couldn't help but feel a little ashamed of myself and my
performance.  Hey, I'm a guy; we have our pride, even if I didn't have
much of my own back then. Rei must've sensed how I was feeling, as
she turned to me with a concerned look on her face.
     "What is wrong?"
     Embarrassed, I had to force myself to look at her.  "Er, well, um, it
didn't, uh..." I stammered.  I was so embarrassed, and afraid of how
disappointed she might be, that I couldn't finish my reply.  Talk about
pathetic, huh?
     But like I said, Rei has always been so understanding, and she
simply smiled at me before caressing my cheek with her hand.  I
immediately relaxed.  "Do not worry," she whispered to me.  "This was
only our first, and we can always try again."
     I barely had time to let what she had said sink in before she grabbed
me and turned us over so that she was now on top.  After another deep
kiss between us, she began to kiss her way down my body, to my
manhood.  I knew Rei was a virgin then (I could personally guarantee
it), but she showed some amazing knowledge of what to do as she
began to plant little kisses along my hardening manhood before she
took it into her mouth.  I moaned as she sucked and bobbed her head
on it, feeling the warm moistness of her mouth surround me.  It wasn't
the same as her vagina, but it felt just as good, and I was able to hold
back my release for a little bit longer than before.  I was shocked,
though, when I came into Rei's mouth.  I was petrified of how she
might react, but I remembered that I wasn't dealing with Asuka.  Rei
didn't even so much as bat an eyelash as she swallowed my semen, and
even after she was done she didn't stop sucking.  She even let out this
little satisfied-sounding moan, like she'd just had her favorite meal or
    Once I was hard again, Rei removed her mouth and positioned her
body so that I would enter her again.  Unlike me when I was the one on
top, she took her time, savoring the feeling of my penis going into her
vagina.  I savored it, myself, allowing that velvety warmth to surround
and caress me, and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her and
forcing her down the rest of the way.  Once she was down, though, she
took a moment to look at me with that blissful smile on her face before
beginning to move herself up and down on me, reversing the situation
so that she was now in control.  After a bit of this, I grabbed her hips,
both to guide her along the way and to give me some leverage to do
some thrusting on my part into her.
     As she said so herself afterwards, I definitely did much better on the
second time.  It felt more natural, less awkward, and lasted much longer
than before.  I felt overjoyed as Rei seemed to enjoy it as much as I did,
as she came twice before I finally couldn't hold back my own release
any longer.  After that caused her to come for a third time, she
collapsed on top of me, resting in my gentle embrace before rolling off
me to the side.
     As we laid side by side, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful girl,
no, woman at my side.  Her blue hair stuck against the sweat-covered
skin of her face and her cheeks were redder than usual.  Her red eyes
gazed at me and she smiled.  A smile that only I knew.  A smile that
said, "I love you."  My response was to pull her into my arms and kiss
her, a soft and gentle one rather than the mad, passionate ones we
shared before, until we pulled the covers over ourselves and fell asleep
in each other's arms.
     It wasn't until I woke up the next morning, after taking a moment to
stare at my sleeping lover and reflect what had happened the night
before, that I really realized the complications of our actions.  For
starters, I couldn't help but feel guilty.  I knew it was stupid, but I felt
as if I had betrayed Asuka.  Pretty pathetic, huh?  She was the one who
had betrayed me, first, and here I was feeling guilty because of her. 
Problem was, I couldn't help but worry of how hurt she would be.
     However, that wasn't the only reason for how I felt.  I also feared for
Rei.  We hadn't taken any sort of precautions.  Sure, we had both been
virgins and didn't have to worry about any diseases, but there were
other consequences.  What if she...?
     "You are crying. Why?"
     Surprised, I realized that was indeed crying.  I seemed to do that a
lot back then.  I must have woken up Rei, as she stared at me with a
concerned look on her face.  I lost it right there and began to sob.
     "I... I'm so sorry, Rei!  I was so stupid..."
     She gave me a puzzled look.  "Why? This intimacy that we shared...
it was the best gift you have ever given me..."  She ran her fingertips
across my chest as she said that, and the way that she had said it, in a
sort of soft, husky way, gave a hint that she wanted to do it again.  I
would've been more than happy to oblige her, if I hadn't had other
worries at the time.
     "That's not what I mean.  I... I was so irresponsible...  You... you
could..." I had to gather all my strength just to complete the sentence. 
"You could be pregnant right now!"
     Shock showed on her face.  I couldn't tell, but I could have sworn
that I saw hope follow after it for a brief moment.  Then her expression
darkened for a longer moment before she gave me a hint of a smile.
     "Do not worry.  It... it will not happen."
     There was sadness in her voice.  This wasn't exactly the reaction I
had expected from her.  Then again, I wasn't really sure what reaction
to expect from her.
     A tear slowly fell from one of her eyes.  I reached my hand out to
touch her cheek, but she moved away and got out of bed.
     "If... if you do not mind... I... I will go take a bath..."
     She ran to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.  Part of me
wanted to go join her, to see if she was alright and try and comfort her
if she wasn't, but I knew better.  Whatever it was that had hurt her, it
was something that she didn't feel like sharing.  My mind kept racing as
to whatever it could be.  I didn't know why at the time, but one question
that was not my own suddenly came to mind.
     'Did Rei tell you her secret?'
     Could those words be related to Rei's sadness?  I pushed the thought
out of my mind.  It was just an attempt by the Commander to draw me
away from her, to take away from me what was probably the only ray
of hope I had left.  Hell would freeze over before I would ever let that
     I wasn't sure whether or not Rei would be hungry, but after I got out
of bed and got dressed, I decided to fix breakfast for both of us,
anyway.  If I could, I would try to convince her to go to school today.  I
felt much better than the previous day, so I figured I could probably
take care of myself for a few hours.
     I was done with the rice when I heard the doorbell.  That was odd. 
Who would come by Rei's so early?  Curious, I went to see who it was.
     "Who is it?" I asked as I pressed the button for the intercom.
     "It's me."
     I felt a surge of anger when I heard the reply.  It was quieter than
what I was used to be, but I still recognized it easily.  Asuka!  That
damn little...!
     Deciding to ignore her, I headed back to the kitchen.  But she kept
buzzing, and when that didn't work she started to knock.  Very loudly,
too.  After the fifth knock, I gave up.  I had forgotten how annoyingly
persistent she could be.
     "What do you want?" I asked as I opened the door but standing in
the opening not to let her in, putting as much venom as I could in my
     Asuka didn't react at all.  Her face was blank, emotionless.  She just
simply said, "Today's Tuesday."
     I immediately understood the implications of what she had said.  I
couldn't believe this girl.  How dare she ask me to spend the day with
her after what she had done?
     "So what?" I replied, the venom still in my voice.
     Was it my imagination, or did she actually seem hurt by those
words?  Whether it was my imagination or not, part of me actually
enjoyed it.
     "It's over," I added.  "Go away."  I reached for the button to close
the door.
     "No!"  Her outburst surprised me.  Before I could react, she knocked
me to the floor using her elbow, then entered the apartment.
     "We need to talk!"  She didn't seem angry, but rather... desperate.  I
was confused.  This wasn't the Asuka I knew.
     "GET OUT!"
     Startled by those words, Asuka and I both turned to see Rei standing
at the other end of the hallway that lead to the door.  Obviously, she
had still been in her bath when Asuka decided to burst in, as she stood
there naked, soap and water dripping from her hair and skin down onto
the floor.  Her eyes seemed to burn with anger.  I also noticed that they
were redder than usual, as if she had been crying.
     Asuka didn't say a word.  She just stood there, looking at Rei, then
at me, then back to Rei again.  The pain became obvious on her
     "I see..." she whispered between gritted teeth.  As she said those
words, I could feel the hurt in her voice.  I also couldn't help but
wonder, why?  Why should she feel pain in the first place?  Because
someone else was now playing with her toy?  Well, too bad for her.
     "Get out of my apartment," Rei said in a quiet, subdued voice.  Her
head was bowed low and her eyes were closed.
     Asuka obeyed the order without so much as a word of her usual
protest and even closed the door behind her.  I could hardly believe it. 
What had just happened?  At that point, I couldn't understand anything
anymore.  Did she...?  Did she have feelings for me after all?  But in
this case... why?
     I didn't have time to think much further about this turn of events
when I began to hear sobs.  I then noticed Rei, how lying on the floor,
tears flowing freely from her eyes.  The source of her anger gone, she
had just collapsed to the floor in sorrow.  She looked completely
     "Rei!" I cried as I ran to her side and took her into my arms.  She
was shivering, and wouldn't stop no matter how close or tight I held
     "Rei... what's going on?"
     It was as if she hadn't even heard me.  She didn't even seem to be
aware that I was there.  I realized that I really couldn't just leave her
there on the floor, so I lifted her in my arms and took her back to the
bathroom.  There, I rinsed the soap out of her hair and off her body,
then took a towel and dried her satin white skin and blue hair.  Not
really knowing what to do next, I took her back to her room, where I
laid her in her bed, knowing that she would be warm there under the
covers.  I took her hand into mine and tried again to reach her.
     "What's wrong, Rei?  What happened?  Am I responsible for all this
pain?  It is me, isn't it?  That's all I know how to do... bring pain to
myself and those I love..."  I was about ready to cry again at that point.
     She looked at me. I guess I had finally reached her.
     "No.  It is not your fault.  I... am the only one to blame..."
     My eyes went wide with shock.  This wasn't what I was expecting. 
     "Forgive me, Shinji!"
     She burst into tears again.  I surrounded her frail body with my arms
and let her cry against my chest.  It felt weird, knowing that the day
before, the roles had been reversed.  Yet, it filled me with a strange
sense of fulfillment.  For once, I could help someone I loved feel better.
     "Tell me..." I whispered as I held her shoulder with one hand and
stroked her damp hair with the other.
     She cried for a few more minutes.  I didn't push the issue further,
and just continued to hold her.  I figured when she was ready, she
would tell me.  It wasn't long before she did.
     "I... I can never be a good wife for you.  I... I... I am... incapable of
giving birth.  If you were to stay with me, you... you could never have
     She then cried some more.  It took some time before I completely
registered the full impact of what Rei had said.
     "W-what? Are... are you sure?"
     She stopped crying for a short time and nodded.  "Dr. Akagi told
me.  I... I am... different... from other women.  I... I was never meant to
have children of my own."
     It was a good thing that Asuka wasn't there.  She would have
definately found some cruel way to turn things to her advantage.  And
frankly, neither I or Rei didn't need any of her crap at that moment.
     Rei seemed to be about ready to cry again.  But before she could, I
tenderly wiped the tears from her cheeks with a finger.  She looked up
to see me give her a gentle smile.
     "It's okay, Rei.  It doesn't matter..."
     I interrupted her by sealing her lips with mine.  For a long moment,
we shared a gentle kiss, similar to the one we had after our lovemaking
the night before.
     "All I want is you."  And I meant what I said.  So long as I had Rei,
had her love, I would be content.  And while I may sound selfish, I was
a bit relieved, as I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not I would
wind up following the same path as my own father and abandon my
     For the first time that morning, a genuine smile appeared on Rei's
face.  "Shinji!"
     She threw herself at me, and again we kissed, more passionately this
time.  And as things lead to one another, we made love for a third time
in less then twenty-four hours.  My clothes quickly came off, and pretty
soon, we were rolling around in bed, kissing as our hands groped each
     It wasn't long before Rei decided that it was my turn to give her
some oral pleasure.  I reluctantly allowed her to guide my head down to
her vagina, and for a long moment, I couldn't do anything but stare at it. 
I wasn't sure if I wanted to touch that spot with my mouth, but under
Rei's encouragement I placed a small kiss there and took a taste with a
small lick of my tongue.  Hearing Rei's positive response and finding
her juices more tasty than I first thought, I dove in.  I sucked on her
womanhood with my lips, running my tongue along them both to
pleasure her and lick up her juices.  I noticed that she really enjoyed it
when my tongue touched her clitoris, so I concentrated my attention
there.  After that, it wasn't long before Rei came, releasing a whole
gush of her juices into my mouth.  I swallowed as much as I could,
though a good deal of it still wound up on my face.  I cleaned her up
after she was finished, then pulled away and wiped away the access
juices with the back of my hand while watching her stare back at me
with a blissful smile on her face.
     Once she recovered, we joined together in a sitting position.  Even
though it was our third time, it still felt wonderful to enter her, and she
was still as wonderfully tight as she was during our first time.  We
smiled blissfully at each other as we thrusted against each other, me
kneeling on my knees while Rei sat on my thighs with her own legs
wrapped around my waist.  We took our sweet time, going slowly and
letting our passions build before we came together at the same time,
moaning each other's name.  We then collapsed on to the bed, and
simply laid in each other's arms, just enjoying each other's presence and
warmth.  That time was probably the best we had ever had, for it was
then that we knew that we truly belonged to one another.  And for
probably the first time in my whole life, I was really happy.

     I eventually did talk with Asuka, and found out that she felt that
seducing me would be her best chance to win my heart.  After all, it did
seem that Rei had an advantage over her in just about everything else.  I
felt guilty at first, since my indecision to choose one of them had
indeed hurt one of them, as I had feared.  But talking with Rei, and later
Kaji, helped me move on with my life, though I still regret what I did to
Asuka.  We more or less made up and became friends again, though
she never seems to hang out with us as much as she used to.
     I also soon found out the truth about Rei, who and what she was.  It
took some time, and a lot of thinking on my part, but in the end I was
able to accept her despite her origins.  I wasn't going to let something
like that come between us, no matter what other people thought of it.  I
loved her, she loved me, and that was all that mattered.  And if anyone
didn't like it, to hell with them.
     Several months later, after all the Angels were finally defeated and
the plans of the Commander and SEELE were foiled, Ritsuko was
proven wrong.  That was when Rei gave birth to our daughter, Yui.


Заметки в конце главы:

     The end isn't what Alain had in mind for the end of his story, but
keep in mind that this is an alternate side story of events happening in
"The One I Love Is...".  The idea just struck me when I read the original
version of this story, and I decided to fit it into mine.  Makes for a
happy ending, doesn't it?
     Time to give credit where credit is due.  Much of the material here is
based off of an early draft for the second part of chapter 6 of "TOILI",
written by my good buddy, Alain Gravel.  I simply adapted what he had
wrote into my story, adding to or altering some lines to fit both my
style and to do a little correcting here and there (no offense, Alain ol'
buddy).  Obviously, the lemon content is mine, though some of it was
lime material originally written by Alain that won't make it into the
final draft of the original story (along with some other things that you'll
probably only find here).
     I wasn't originally planning to have three lemon scenes, just have
the first one and then let the other two remain how Alain wrote them, as
simple lime scenes giving an idea as to what had happened.  But as I
wrote the story, I realized it would make sense to show how Shinji and
Rei's lovemaking would develop with each encounter.  So I threw in
the other two, but tried to keep them as simple as possible.  Obviously,
that plan didn't work, but oh well.
     Previous chapters for "The One I Love Is..." can be found on Alain's
homepage at www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Teahouse/2236/.  You can also
find my "Ranma 1/2" story, "Double or Nothing" there.  I'm still
working on it, so don't worry.  I may also work on some more side
stories for "TOILI", so keep an eye out.  Until next time...

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Neon Genesis Evangelion и персонажи данного произведения являются собственностью студии GAINAX, Hideaki Anno и Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Все авторы на данном сайте просто развлекаются, сайт не получает никакой прибыли.
Evangelion Not End